Do you want to make all of that studying stick?

There are a lot of us who made resolutions about exercise at the beginning of the New Year.  It appears now that exercise doesn’t just help with your weight, physical, and mental health but it actually enables you or learn more.  In fact, if you want to remember something, get moving.

A recent study in Current Biology indicated that people who exercised four hours after a learning session were more likely to remember the material two days later when compared to those who did not exercise after a learning session. The researchers could not explain why memory was aided by exercise but this research does remind me a bit of my own studying when I was a student in grade school.  After several hours of class, my teacher seemed thrilled to thrust me and my classmates on the playground to run and jump and burn up all of that pent up energy. Apparently, that wasn’t just good class management, it also helped us remember more of what we’d learned.


So if you made a New Years resolution about learning another language, or reading a few books, throw another one in about exercise.  After studying a few hours on a subject go biking, running, walking or whatever you like to do to get active. You just might find that exercise helps you with your other resolutions as well.


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