Every Square Inch

Are you looking for a summer reading book?  Read Bruce Riley Ashford’s “Every Square Inch:  An Introduction to Cultural Engagement for Christians.”  Ashford’s aid is to help us all develop a theological framework for seeing all of life under the lordship of Christ.

Rather than withdrawing from the culture, simply being against the culture or becoming a mirror of the culture, we are called to go into and do all we can to redirect our culture toward God.  He provides a brief theology of culture and describes the role of the Christian to minister within their cultural context.  This means we are called to minister to our family, church, workplace and community–witnessing “to Christ with the whole of our lives in every dimension of society and culture.”

Ashford describes cases throughout church history (e.g., Augustine, Kuyper, Lewis, Sayers) who have lived exemplary lives in their cultural context.  He goes on to describe how a Christian can engage art, the sciences, as well as politics and the public square, He culminates with the Christian response to economics and wealth followed by scholarship and education.

Ashford advocates for Christians to give Christ preeminence in every square inch of their lives.  It is only through engaging in this mission that we can properly engage our culture.  Take the time to read this little book this summer and ask yourself, “how can I engage every square inch of my life with Christ?”

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