How does reading the Bible help you survive the culture?

Dr. Dan Ariely has conducted a lot of research on why people lie and cheat. He has found that cheating is far too prevalent on college campuses. However, there was one situation where he found people to be reluctant to cheat. In one study, a group of students was asked to recall the Ten Commandments before taking a test. Most of these students did not know the Ten Commandments and none could recall all of them. A few were even atheists. However, taking the time to recall the Ten Commandments significantly reduced the likelihood of those students cheating. Though this was not the purpose of his research, it demonstrates that taking the time to think about the Word of God can help you stay on track. Imagine the results that could be achieved for a person motivated to obey the Word. So take the time to read your Bible and everyday, and as you make decisions, think about the Scriptures that apply to it. You just might find that the Bible helps you to stay on track.


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