Why “Surviving Culture”?

As of today, “Surviving Culture” can be purchased at a bookstore near you (or at least on Amazon, CBD and at Randall House).  This book is for the next generation of believers who will take the salt and light of Christianity into the culture. To do this, a young person must Be Ready, Be Substance, Be Yourself, and Be an Investor.  There is a chapter on each of these topics. 

There is nothing new about the problems our young people face today.  Long ago some youth from Judah found themselves thrust into a corrupt culture. Most succumbed to the culture, but there were four who were certain about their identity. They possessed great competence that catapulted them into positions of influence. They were authentic to the core.  Though they were not perfect, they continuously served God to the end and influenced their culture.  Their example can help our youth some 2,600 years later as their character collides with the world.  This book is a departure from most of my earlier work and is my first attempt at writing to a younger audience.  It grew out of the Forlines Lectures Series I presented at Welch College back in 2012.  However, the book draws upon my experience of over 20 years of work in secular settings.  The purpose of this book is to equip believers in the 21st century with the tools they need to influence their culture rather than being influenced by it.  I hope you will get a copy for the young people in your life.  


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